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CCNA Labskill Chapter 1

Posted on: October 12, 2010


STEP 1: Determine the Windows XP version and revision number

c. Which version of Windows XP and service pack is installed on your computer?

>>Version of Windows XP and service pack is installed on my computer is Windows XP 3

d. How much physical memory (RAM) is available to Windows XP?

>>Physical memory (RAM) is available to Windows XP is 2 Gigabyte or 2,086,852 KB

e. Why is memory important to an operating system?

>>Memory important to an operating system because all program execuitable and all       process its needs  part of capacity of memory.

f. Click on the End-user License Agreement link on the About Windows screen.

According to the license agreement, how many backup copies of Windows XP can you legally make?

>> according that agreement backup or copies of OS its only once for used..can’t be backup     or copyed.

STEP 2 : Configure Windows XP for updates

a. Which four options are available for automatic updates?

>> Automatic (recommended), Automatically download recommended update for  computer

>>  Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them.

>>  Notify me but don’t automatically download or installthem.

>> Turn off automatic updates.

b. Based on the information presented, what happens if you are using your computer, updates are being downloaded, and you disconnect from the Internet?

>> Based the information if updates are process but suddenly disconnect to the internet before updates are fully downloaded, nothing is lost. The download will be continue the next time you connect to the internet.

c. Expand the How Are Updates Installed? section. Based on the output shown, what is the default time for when updates are installed?

>> Update is daily updates, it nothing special time for update. But you are free to choose what time you want to do update.

d. What is the current setting for automatic updates, and why do you think the person who set up the computer chose this option?

>> the current setting is automatic, because the vendor of windows always renewing all the components of windows for optimazed the all process.

e. Another way of configuring a system for automatic updates is through the System control panel. Click the Start button, click the Control Panel option, and double-click the System control panel icon. Click on the Automatic Updates tab. Are the options the same as before?

>>  Yes, the options the same as before.

STEP 3: Determine an application version

a. Open any Windows-based application?

>> The application is Adobe ImageReady CS2

b. From the application Help menu option, choose the About option.

c. What is the application version?

>> The application version is CS2

d. Click on the Help menu again. If there are double down arrows at the bottom of the menu, click them to show all the menu options. Some applications have a Check for Updates option. Does the application have this option?

>> The application dosn’t have a Check for Updates option

e. Do you think that Internet access is required for an application that has a Check for Updates option?Why or why not?

>> No it isn’t, because application had design by programming that has special link in the program directly give an information if the update are available, dan give the notification for user, so internet access need not a special application.

STEP 4 : Reflection

a. When is it important to get an update for an application or an operating system?

>> If the notification has shown to user. That product release new version or the product give alert that has out of that.

b. List one instance when you might need to know which version of the operating system or application is being used.

>> We can look at about windows , in computer properties.


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